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I just finished painting the frame. I ended up boxing the whole frame in to add some extra strength as well as built a custom brace to support the suicide front end, as the original was too flimsy for our liking. I also polished the aluminum Z-head to make it shine, it took a lot of sanding and elbow grease. Last thing we are working on is rebuilding the Warford overdrive. We cleaned the bearings and are cleaning up rough edges on the gears. We would like to get the engine and Warford painted by Christmas and install them in the frame on New Years.

We also temporarily painted the Houck rims a dark blue and mounted a set of shop tires on. We had Les Schwab install the tires on the rims, it took a little over 4 hours and two of the Les Schwab guys and myself to get them on! I need to rebuild the wheels so they are only temporarily painted. The nipples on the spokes of mine are rusted beyond what we feel is safe to use. We would like to install stainless steel spokes and paint only the rims blue and leave the spokes a polished finish.

We are getting excited as it been three years just to get to this point on our speedster, hopefully soon we will have it on the speedster (albeit it might be a few years more). Heck we haven't even fired the motor up and we still have to fabricate our body so it will be a while... 12/23/2005

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