Rajo’s Story

Rajo Ed Gloss, Jr.

To truly understand this club one must know something of it’s Founder and his history.

Edward O. Gloss, Jr. was one of those early persons who became enamored with the automobile and how it could be “modified” and go fast.

In high school is where he got the bug to have a “RAJO”.  His first car was a Chev. Speedster.  In 1925 or 26 he bought his 1925 Roadster, it had a chopped top, springs were lowered, and it had a 4-valve “Rajo” in it.  He also courted his beautiful wife, Pauline, in this car. (ED. – Pauline said it was

actually a 1926 DeSoto Roadster and that she was the envy of her co-workers because her Beau had a new car.)



He bought his P.U. “Lizzie”, in 1965, a 1926 Model T Pickup.  He had the “RAJO” before buying a car and thought this would be a good one to put it in.

Ed joined the Rose City Model T Club, Portland, OR, in 1966 and was very active, making many of the club tours.  He served in capacities of Historian, was President 1970-71, served as Membership Chairman in ’72-73 and in ’81 and was jointly voted with Tom Elliott as Member of the Year in 1981-82.  He was an ordained Minister (Ed.- I will always remember seeing that Certificate hanging on the wall.) and was there to “Bless” new cars on the Annual Shakedown Tour by pouring Champagne into the radiator.

His well-known “RAJO” speedster was known as “Lucifer”.  In the early years his car was white with fenders and running boards, red upholstery, vinyl type, named “Henry”.  Then because of a certain incident he built a new car it became dark red, with no fenders, and black and named “Lucifer”.  It had it’s very interesting photos on the dash board and tool box. (Island pin-up girls scantily clad)

Edward O. Gloss, Jr. was born on April 16, 1908, married 69 years, two sons, 4 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, passed away November 20, 1999.

The following is a compilation of the early years of the Northwest Vintage Speedsters Club, from it’s Minutes, and tells the story of why our Founder, RAJO Edward O. Gloss, Jr., felt there should be such a group.

“…The date is May 16, 1975, the time is 8:00 p.m., the location is the home of Edward “RAJO” O. and Pauline Gloss, Jr., of 11354 S.E. Yamhill St., Portland, OR 97216 and the reason for the meeting is to form a group of like-minded persons who have an interest in vintage speedster.

The meeting was called to Order by Ed Gloss and the minutes were taken down by Rusty medearis.  There were 18 persons present, of which 2 were from Seattle and 2 from Salem. (Research and memory of those attending has developed the following list of names: Edward O. “RAJO” Gloss, Jr., Tom Gloss, George Windom, Andy Humphrey, Harold Lieb and Norman Lieb, Chuck Kroll, Jerry Daun, “Rusty Medearis, Robert Rankin, Ed Maywood, Dave Hedrick, Jarvis Erickson and his son Michael, Eugene Woolf)

A name needed to be selected for the group and a number were suggested: ‘Model T Bugs’, ‘Overheads’, ‘T. Skeeters’, ‘T Rails’, ‘T. Wheels Spinners’, ‘Model T Speedster Club’.  The group voted for the last choice.  It was suggested to hold meetings every 3 months.  Dues were suggested to be $1.00 per meeting.

It was decided to hold first tour to Champoeg Park for the All Ford Picnic, meeting place to be at Oregon City Shopping Center at 9:00 a.m., July 20th. More events to be announced and discussed at a later date…”

A notice in the Rose City Model T Club newsletter “The TIMER”, postmarked in May, by “RAJO”, stated in part:  A new club was born.  It is probably the only club of its kind in the United States.  There were 18 people present.  They voted to call it “T” Bug Club, but it might be changed later.  The purpose of the club is fun, fellowship and the restoration of “T” speedsters, plus events for speedsters, such as hill climbs, drag races, oval dirt track races, tours, or just get-togethers for bull sessions.

A notice was mailed July 11 announcing the next meeting to be held on Friday, August 22, 7:30 p.m. at RAJO’s home.  It was noted that the All Ford Picnic was changed to August 3rd and that there would be a Hill Climb on August 10th (Rose City Model T Club event).  A reminder that the club is not for T’s only, it is for anyone interested in speed equipment for Antique Cars.  The membership had grown to 25.