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Bob Rankin                                  President                           

Tom Elliott                               Vice-President

Scott Elliott                                 Secretary

Pete Smiley                                 Treasurer

Simon-Pierre Smith                Spinout Editor                       

Walt Berdan                Puget Sound Area Activities             

Web master                                                                        

Please contact us if you need to change your mailing address or email contact to insure correct information in Annual Roster or when we mail SPINOUT.  It was decided at the May 2014 Business Meeting to remove any possible mis-understanding of those Officers who chose not to be included by contact by email.

Assignment of Competition vehicle numbers is in under auspices of West Coast Registry for Vintage Speedsters (not a part of NWVS)  Bob Rankin is the person responsible for maintaining this Registry.

Please note that the NWVS website likes to display photos of as many speedsters as possible including speedsters whose owners do not  belong to NWVS.   Some of the speedsters do not register their numbers with WCRVS which results in many speedsters displaying the same number.

You may Contact Bob Rankin for further information by email