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The excitement of this hobby is in participation. Sweet rides are just a bonus! Join ┬╗

Do you like old speedsters? Come join us and thrill to the exciting sounds of the “Fast Four Bangers” straight out of the roaring ’20’s. The excitement of this hobby is in participation! Come get involved in a variety of runs, hill climbs, social meetings, and displays centered around 1934 and older 4 cylinder speedsters.Building, restoring, swap-meeting, learning, talking, and driving vintage speedsters are the bonds which join us. We have members with all types of backgrounds, skills, and interests. We have members with street speedsters, Model T “bugs”, dirt-track style racers, and members with only hopes and plans so far.The speedsters of the early years were the origin of American sports cars, hot rods, dirt-track & sprint racers, and the All-American love of tinkering to make them go faster. We hope that you too, will want to share our enthusiasm for these early speed machines.Members receive Speedster Spinout, the NWVS newsletter which is mailed periodically. Dues are $25.00 per year per person or family at one address, $35.00 per year if live outside the United States

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