Northwest Vintage Speedsters History

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In the beginning there was the Santa Clara Speedster Run that was the “Granddaddy” of them all. It became the genesis of interest in this type of activity. Most of the early Speedster owners from the Great Northwest had to travel to Santa Clara to get their speedster Ya-Ya’s out. Paul Murray, Frank Reichlin, Cliff Gooby, John Gilmore and others would generally trek down to California for the yearly big event. There were also some folks from the Portland MTFCA club, Chuck Kroll, Tom Elliott, Don Babbitt, Bill Hills, Bob Rankin, that went south from time to time. It was collectively decided that California was a long way to go and we could do this up here and save a lot of time traveling.

On May 19th, 1975, 18 people interested in vintage speedsters assembled in the home of Ed “RAJO” and Pauline Gloss. Two came from Seattle and 2 from Salem. The group named itself the Model T Speedster Club, agreed to meet quarterly and assessed dues of $1.00 per meeting.
The first event was a tour to Champoeg Park for the All Ford Picnic. The group also joined the Rose City Model T Club Hill Climb in 1975. Within a year the group swelled to 25, speedsters besides Model T’s were made welcome and the name was changed to Northwest Vintage Speedsters. It was the first such organization in the US.

In 1977 NWVS events included Portland Swap Meet March 11, a drag race on June 11, a Hill Climb and picnic on August 27, and a tour to Larch Mountain September 5.

In 1978 NWVS had 41 members. NWVS won $25 for 8th place at a car show, sold $176 in tickets and got paid $200 for participating in the show which swelled the treasury to $372. Events included a Drag Race June 17, a Hill Climb and picnic July 22, and the All Ford Picnic August 6. Ed Gloss was President, Andy Humphrey was Secretary.

In 1979 the club got serious. They bought a stop watch and a mannequin. Liability Insurance was investigated. Events included a Drag Race June 16, a Hill Climb August 25, Oldie But Goodie Drags July 22, and All Ford Picnic. The first Banquet was held October 20. NWVS put a 10 car booth in the Northwest Car Collectors Show November 2 and raised money by selling tickets to the show. George Windom was President, Jerry Daun was Secretary and Ed Gloss was Treasurer.

In 1980 there were 4 club events : Drag Race June 15, Hill Climb Aug 23, Oldie but Goodie July 6, Fun Day Sept 1. The officers got another chance to serve.

In 1981 the first roster was published. Records for 1981 and 1982 are missing.

In 1983 there was a Drag Race June 11, Oldies but Goodies July 4, PIR race July 16, Road Rally July 31, Hill Climb Aug 20, 100 mile Endurance Run Sept 25, and a Banquet October 15. Don Babbitt was president, Russ Palmer secretary/treasurer.

The First Annual Northwest Classic 100 mile endurance run was planned by Tom Elliott The Event was open to any 4 banger, prior to 1934 reflecting the NWVS goal to “Open a Window” and let other pre 1934 four cylinder cars participate. Drivers from California and Washington were interested. This was to be an annual event.

The First issue of Speedster Spinouts was published Nov 3, 1983.

In 1984 officers were President Don Babbitt, VP Tom Elliott, Secretary Russ Palmer, and Treasurer Chuck Kroll. Bill Hills was editor Speedster Spinouts. Events included 100 Mile Endurance, Hill Climb, Drag Race, and Poker Run.

In 1985 officers were President Tom Elliott, VP Scott Hills, Paul Daun Secretary, and Chuck Kroll Treasurer, Editor Bonnie Babbitt. Events were Drag Race, Hill Climb, PIR, Enduro, Oldies but Goodies. Paul Murray organizes Seattle Labor Day Endurance Run 150-175 miles in length, patterned after the Santa Clara Run.

In 1986 officers were President Scott Hills, VP Bob Rankin, Secretary Paul Daun, Treasurer Chuck Kroll, Editor Bonnie Babbitt. Events were hill climb, Drag Race, PIR Historic Races, August Tour, Labor Day Endurance Run & Fun Run, September Tour. Russ Palmer was in charge of the Endurance Run and pioneered a Lowland Tour which the RCMTC organized.

In 1987 Bob Rankin was President of the Portland Chapter of NWVS.

In 1988 Paul Daun was President of the Portland Chapter of NWVS. Vern Storey organizes the first Memorial Day Run in Spokane.

In 1989 The officers for the Portland Chapter of the NWVS were, President Stacey Hills, Vice President Peter Daun, Secretary Bill Hills, Treasurer Art Erickson, Editor Scott Hills.

In 1990 the officers for the Portland Chapter of the NWVS were, President Pete Daun, Vice President Harold Leib, Secretary Steve Broderick, Treasurer Art Erickson, Editor Bonnie Babbitt.

In 1991 the officers for the Portland Chapter of the NWVS were, President Steve Broderick, Vice President Mary McConnell, Secretary RJ Steed, Treasurer Art Erickson, Editor Bonnie Babbitt.