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The goal of the web site was, and still is, to extend the purpose of NWVS “…the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of 1934 and earlier 4-cylinder speedsters and race cars…”

For those of you who visit here and are members, it is time to think about renewing your membership which expires December 31.

We will be holding our first meeting for 2017 on January 17, at our regular meeting place and will discuss what events to hold for the year. To date we have not heard of anyone willing to do the Labor Day 200 Mile.

If you are visiting here and find something of interest or have a technical question please contact Ask at NWVS dot org.

My Projects- I am really going to do these!
The Past Events section of the Web site, this is where we were posting photos of the Endurance Run, I am working to update that section and renew that item. Presently it is in html and I’ve not figured out how to change it, so far. CLICK ON EVENT PHOTOS TAB.

COMING SOON! Speedsters of the World. We’ve been receiving some very interesting car photos from across the “POND” and now I’ve found some from Southern Hemisphere.

From New England area, check out www.autonetnewengland.com They have included us on their site.

“Chevrolet Four-Cylinder Speedsters, 1914-1928” is a Non-Geographic Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. Membership is limited to VCCA members.

Membership: Dues: $15/year Secretary: Dave Penniman 4457 Rosemary Parkway, Columbus OH 43214 dave_penniman@yahoo.com


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p.s. For visitors who are checking us out – we are not really a good source for cars for Sale except for those members who post a Speedster for sale occasionally.