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Jan Voboril




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Model A 1930 Indy type as per junk formula! Upgrading if any just like Henry the Indy and Junk formula guys did it in the Thirties. Mechanical brakes 3 speed model b gear box. Oh well a Halibrand from bell auto parts with magnesium casing, but you could get those then. The cylinder head is Record a copy of Miller Schofield that was made in Italy in the early thirties. All the old fashion tricks to the engine, the engine block is a German G28 they where licensee from 1932 in Germany! Sanction by Henry Ford! Licensee was even sold to Russia and China! Despite some people donít want to admit that fact. The G28 has full pressurized Lubrication system. Body work is Aluminum with full belly pan! Yes itís titled as a 1930 model A with open body work and a 100 Hp engine! It probably has slightly more horse power it keeps up with Bugattis 35 B with supercharger. This type of home built for racing was not too uncommon in Sweden in the Thirties. At the local lake the winter 1937 at my home in Sweden a similar hop up sat a record of 115 mph! Not to bad with steel studs on all 4 tires. I use it mainly for Vintage racing!

Thank You for the Photos - Jan Voboril - RACEFOTO - Click to Enlarge

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