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Vintage Ford Articles on Races, Hill Climbs, Endurance Runs, and Speedsters are presented with the Permission and Generosity of the Model T Ford Club of America in their efforts to support a growing segment of the Model T hobby.  Articles have great historic photos.
MTFCA Vintage Ford Articles SIZE ISSUE YEAR
1909 Cross Country - NY to Seattle 1.6M Mar/Apr 1976
First Ford Race .2M Mar/Apr 1966
1920s Racing -- Gardner Family 1.4M July/Aug 1998
Baja 1000 1.3M Mar/Apr 1974
Baja 500 0.5M Jan/Feb 1973
Colorado 500 .5M Sept/Oct 1976
Montana 500 - 1967 0.5M Mar/Apr 1966
Livingston MT Model T Day 1.3M Sept/Oct 1971
Montana 500 - 1992 0.4M Sept/Oct 1992
Montana 500 - The Model T NASCAR 0.3M Mar/Apr 1997
Noel Bullock Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2.8M Sept/Oct 1979
Model T racing in Canada 1.1M Nov/Dec 1992
Len Kerbs -- The Kansas Cyclone 2.6M Mar/Apr 1983
Racers -- Red Duece 1.7M Mar/Apr 1977
Roadster Racing .8M Nov/Dec 1997
Tin Lizzies on a Tear -- Hot Rod Mag 1.3M July/Aug 1992
Endurance Runs
First Santa Clara Endurance Run 1M Mar/Apr 1971
Santa Clara Endurance Run 3M July/Aug 1979
Speedster Endurance Run 1.7M July/Aug 1981
Speedster Run - Salinas .4M May/June 2004
Speedster Run - Arizona .4M May/June 2003
Speedster Run - Santa Clara .8M May/June 2005
Speedster Mania - Santa Clara 3.1M July/Aug 1984
Speedster Reunion .8M Sept/Oct 2005
Cross Country Bug Trip 1.0M Sept/Oct 2004
Great American Race
Great Amer Race -- Cliff Raisbeck 0.8M Jan/Feb 1991
Great Amer Race -- Cliff Raisbeck 1.2M May/June 1995
Great Amer Race -- Rossie Morris 1.2M May/June 1995
Great American Race 1986 0.5M Jan/Feb 1987
Great American Race 1990 0.8M Jan/Feb 1991
Hill Climbs
Long Beach Hill Climb 4.1M July/Aug 1969
Long Beach Hill Climb 3.6M July/Aug 1970
Hill Climb 2.1M May/June 1966
Hill Climb Chris Egsgaard 0.4M May/June 2002
Hill Climb Hank Becker Car 1.0M Mar/Apr 2002
Fast Fords & Model C Roof 12M July/Aug 1972
Fast Fords & Gallivan Engine 2.8M July/Aug 1977
Speedsters - Long Beach Hill Climb 7.3M July/Aug 1973
Speedsters - Fronty, LB Hill Climb 9.5M July/Aug 1971
Speedsters - LB Hill Climb 8.9M July/Aug 1975
Speedsters - LB Hill Climb 6.6M July/Aug 1976
Speedsters - Santa Clara Hill Climb 2.8M July/Aug 1977
English Racer Speedster 1.2M July/Aug 1993
Felix Grave Racer 1.2M July/Aug 1976
French Styled by Don Johnson 1.4M Mar/Apr 1998
Hellcat, a Gentleman's Speedster 0.4M July/Aug 1990
Model T Bearcat 1.2M Mar/Apr 1988
Model T Number 2 0.3M Mar/Apr 1970
Seedless Thompson Speedster 2M Nov/Dec 1996
LoBuck Special- Ed Archer 1.4M May/June 2004
Townsend Speedster 0.2M May/June 2005
Second Time Around .7M May/June 2000
Grandpa's $281.78 Ford 1.4M July/Aug 1980

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