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Charlie & Jean Alemeda



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Our car is a 1919 Model T that I purchased from Ron Kipling about seven years ago. He found it in a barn in Montana and I found out that Ron wanted to sell it through Walt Berdan. Getting this car running has been a task almost as demanding as the Manhattan Project. It did complete the run at Kennewick last year and I have high hopes for it's reliability this year. The engine is stock except for a high compression head. It has a Ruckstell and a Muncie transmission. The Muncie seems to have been installed simply to keep you awake with its whining. I plan to pull it out and just use the Ruckstell sometime this summer. This should, hopefully, save what's left of my hearing. Steve Tomaso totally rebuilt the Ruckstell three years ago. Rick Carnegie did the rebabbiting on the engine. Walt Berdan and I replaced every bushing we could find. Walt also did most of the wood work on the body. I had never driven a Model T before and my first outing was to drive straight up Walt's garage door..he still has photos of that one. My next driving lesson was towards Lake Samamish. I learned about something called 'Angel Gear' that day. On that outing, Walt leaped from the car when the opportunity presented itself. I rode it to a stop and have been taking blood pressure medication ever since. The speedsters name is 'Cantankerous Kate.' What else would you call a cute little redhead with an attitude?

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