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E028 Frontenac Frontenac AF16 Stagger Valve
E027 Frontenac DOHC Frontenac DOHC
E030 Frontenac R Frontenac "R" OHV
E029 Frontenac SOHC Frontenac SOHC Conversion for R & SR Heads
E163 Riley 4 Port George Riley 4 Port Head
E146 Riley F Head George Riley Aluminum F Head
E138 Riley HC Head Riley High Compression Head
E165 Riley Multi Lift George Riley Multi Lift Head (red)
E166 Riley Multi Lift George Riley Multi Lift Head (green)
E142 Riley OHV Riley
E140 Riley OHV FH Miller Schofield
E141 Riley OHV V8 George Riley OHV Flathead V-8
E167 Riley SOHC George Riley SOHC
E071 Green Pop Green Engine
E084 Green DOHC Green Engineering Model A
E079 Green SOHC Green SOHC Racing Engine
E015 HAL DOHC HAL Model A DOHC Conversion
E014 HAL DOHC HAL DOHC Conversion
E018 HAL DOHC HAL's 1st DOHC Conversion
E013 HAL DOHC HAL Street Use DOHC Conversion
E068 HAL Indy HAL "Big Bertha" Indy
E019 HAL Midget HAL Midget DOHC
E021 HAL OHV HAL Valve-In-Head OHV Head
E016 HAL SOHC HAL Street Use SOHC Conversion
E012 HAL SOHC HAL SOHC Conversion
E041 Miller 16 Miller 16 Cylinder #
E063 Miller Cutaway Miller Schofield Cut-a-way
E003 Miller DOHC 4 Miller 4-Cylinder DOHC #2
E005 Miller Marine Miller Supercharged Marine #22
E004 Miller Midget Miller '91' DOHC Engine
E066 Miller SOHC Miller Single Stick SOHC
E042 Miller V-8 Miller DOHC V-8 #5
E044 Miller V-8 Offenhauser 91
E024 Offenhauser Flathead with Offenhauser Heads
E186 Offenhauser Offenhauser Flathead V8-60
E189 Offenhauser Offenhauser V8-60
E191 Offenhauser Offenhauser V8-60 Midget
E209 Offenhauser Offenhauser DOHC
E000 Offenhauser 111 Offenhauser Belanger 111 DOHC Supercharged
E033 Rajo 235 Chevy Rajo 216 Chevy Conversion
E092 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E091 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E090 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E093 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E096 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E097 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E098 Rajo OHV Rajo OHV
E089 Rajo DOHC Rajo DOHC
E129 Roof A OHV Robert Roof Model A
E124 Roof Alum Head Robert Roof Aluminum Head
E130 Roof B OHV Robert Roof Model B
E122 Roof Bandit Chaser Robert Roof Giant Bandit Chaser
E135 Roof BB Robert Roof Model BB
E125 Roof Blue Streak Robert Roof Blue Streak
E133 Roof C Robert Roof Model C
E127 Roof Cyclone Robert Roof Cyclone F Head
E128 Roof F Head Robert Roof Cyclone F Head
E134 Roof Liberty Robert Roof Liberty Head
E126 Roof Midget Robert Roof V-8 60 Midget
E131 Roof OHV Robert Roof 40-S
E123 Roof OHV Robert Roof OHV Chevy
E132 Roof Racing T Robert Roof Model T Racing
E060 Winfield HC Head Super Winfield Head
E164 Winfield Head Winfield (orange)
E061 Winfield Head Winfield

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